Earn more yield. Tools for defi users on Avalanche.

What is Yield Yak?


Yield Yak is an easy-to-use tool to earn more yield from defi farming on the Avalanche network.


Yield Yak is a community-driven project. Our community has built and maintained the best, cheapest and most diverse autocompounder on the market.


Yield Yak is largely self-sustaining. Our community compounds rewards, suggests new strategies, proposes key configuration updates and contributes to development. Yield Yak farms can run forever, without the team's involvement.

How does Yield Yak work?

Yield Yak auto-compounds yield farm rewards.
  • Each farm is a pool of deposits from Yield Yak users
  • Farms earn reward tokens (like $PNG)
  • Farms reinvest all rewards, compounding everyone's deposits
All depositors benefit from the very high frequency of Yield Yak compounding. Learn more:

How do I get started?

Before you start using Yield Yak, you will need:
  1. 1.
  2. 2.
    AVAX on the Avalanche C-Chain subnet in your MetaMask account
For help getting started, please see this guide from Ava Labs:

Can I lose money?

Yes. Use Yield Yak at your own risk with money you can afford to use. Do you own research.
Yield Yak smart contracts are unaudited. Yield Yak relies on smart contracts from other platforms which may also be unaudited. Any funds lost by other platforms will affect Yield Yak users.


If you are not sure about something, ask our community.