🐛Bug Bounty

Responsible Disclosure Guidelines for Yield Yak

Yield Yak has set aside a Bug Bounty budget of 100 YAK for responsible disclosure of bugs.

Reporting Issues

If you find a problem or vulnerability with any Yield Yak contract, please share the information with a developer (as soon as possible). Telegram provides direct access to developers. Users tagged with "Yak Guide" can also provide access to developers. Alternatively, use Twitter.

Bug bounties will be awarded for being the first to report a severe security issue (e.g. one which results in the change of code or configuration), with a reasonable amount of time given for resolving the issue.

The exact amount of a bug bounty will vary, based on different factors, including whether or not user funds are at risk and a subjective measure of the risk. While we introduce a budget, there is no guarantee that the budget will be fully distributed or realized by any individual report or reporter.

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