The YY approach to treasury and listing of related accounts

Opinionated Treasury

The Opinionated Treasury takes a generally bullish stance on the Avalanche DeFi (which YY depends on) while also contributing TVL and fees to the platform and ecosystem.
The Opinionated Treasury
The Opinionated Treasury
The treasury is managed by committee with funds held in a separately controlled multisig and other contracts and accounts.

Treasury Accounts

Yak Treasury Multisig

Holds long-term treasury funds.
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      Yak Man, Team YY
      Snow Yak, Team YY
      Mark, Avalaunche
      Sarp, Markr
      0xmurloc, Trader Joe

Yak Timelock

Collects revenue in tokens. Holds very short-term treasury funds, especially those which may not have not been collected yet.

Yak Deployer

Holds shorter-term treasury funds, especially those which may be lower in value or need active management. Has special rights to receive and claim revenue on behalf of the platform.

Other Accounts

YY Ecosystem

Holds ecosystem funds, used to support initiatives in Avalanche DeFi and Yield Yak ecosystems. Spent at the discretion of the team, similar in nature to a marketing budget.

YY Team

Holds team tokens.
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