Returns and Tracking

Yield Yak displays returns from actual and recent performance

Returns Based on Actual and Recent Performance

Yield Yak calculates returns using actual and recent performance.
  • Simple APY is based on recent performance, which is annualized without compounding.
  • Compound APY considers that your farming assets grow and compound and displays the simple daily ROI compounded over a year.
Returns are variable and depend on many factors.
Comparing Returns
If you are comparing returns to other sites, consider that different sites use different methodologies. Some estimate returns with inaccurate and static assumptions about blocks per day, reward asset price, etc.

Returns Based on Deposit Asset Growth

Yield Yak farms are designed to grow the deposit asset. All returns are provided in terms of the deposit asset (LP tokens, usually).
Due to impermanent loss and price volatility, deposit assets could grow while the USD value of underlying assets change. Learn more:

Tracking Returns

The best way to track deposits and growth is to compare your deposited tokens with your current staked balance.
Third-party Tracking Services
Services like debank.com provide additional tracking services for Yield Yak positions.

How can I see the underlying value of my LP tokens?

Hover (or tap) the figure under <My TVL> to see the estimated underlying tokens.

Timelock Protects Users

Yield Yak farms are protected by a timelock. Timelocks delay the team from making changes or withdrawing funds on behalf of users.
The timelock address is: 0x8d36C5c6947ADCcd25Ef49Ea1aAC2ceACFff0bD7