Manual Withdrawal

How to withdraw from Yield Yak Pools directly

In the event that you are unable to interact with UI for whatever reason, you may need to conduct a withdrawal from the contract. Below, you will find a helpful guide on how to interact with Yield Yak farms and contracts directly from the explorer.

Step 1. Locate the particular farm you wish to remove your LP from

Method 1: Locate the particular farm on that you wish to withdraw from and click on 'More' to go in to the farm detail page.

Once there, scroll down and click the 'View on Explorer button' which will open the contract on

Method 2: Open your wallet on C-Chain Explorer: and click on the 'Tokens' drop down menu. Scroll down until you find the YRT tokens for the farm you wish to withdraw from and click it.

Step 2: Read Contract and balance

Once the page for that contract or token tracker loads, click on the 'Contract' tab and then 'Read Contract' button:

Scroll down until you get to the 'balanceOf' field. Enter your wallet address and hit 'Query'. This will output your balance. Copy the number you see after '(unit256) : '.

Step 3: Write contract and withdraw

Scroll up to the top of the page and click the 'Write Contract button':

Then click the 'Connect to Web3' link which will prompt you to connect your wallet.

Click 'OK' if you sbelow warning.

You will see your wallet address and the Green circle confirming your wallet is connected.

Scroll down until you see 'withdraw' and paste the number from the previous page in to this field and click 'write'.

You will have to approve this transaction in Metamask (or whichever wallet you are using).

You now have your LP tokens in your wallet.

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