Stuck Transactions

Occasionally transactions within browser wallets like Metamask, can become stuck. The status on the transaction will show as 'pending', however, it seems that the transaction is not going to go through. Subsequent transactions will be queued in the wallet until the original 'pending' transaction either goes through or is cleared.

There are a number of reasons why transactions may become stuck, things like gas fee spikes and particularly when using a hardware wallet can cause pending transactions to stall.

Below we show you the steps for clearing those pending transactions.

Reset Metamask

Although this may sound daunting because of the word 'reset'. Performing this action only clears the pending transactions. None of your settings or configurations will be affected or lost.

Step 1: Click the circle in the top right hand corner of Metamask

Step 2: Click on settings, scroll down to 'Advanced' settings and click the button 'Reset Account'

Step 3: Confirm by pressing 'Rest account' again

Clear browser cache or DNS

Occasionally issues arise with the browser that cause transactions to not go through, Metamask to not open or the page will simply not load properly.

If the above method of resetting your Metamask did not give the desired result, we also suggest clearing your browser cache and/or flush your DNS.

Here are links to clear the cache for most popular browsers:

Occasionally flushing your DNS can help with browser issues. Below are links on how to flush DNS:

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