Token Details


YAK is the native token to Yield Yak. YAK is a fixed-supply token that can be staked to earn platform fees (currently 70% of all platform fees are distributed to YAK holders every 24 hours).
  • Only 10,000 YAK can ever exist. No additional YAK may be minted now or in the future
  • Anyone can distribute platform revenue via Yak ARC

Token Details

  • Name: Yak Token
  • Symbol: YAK
  • Decimals: 18
  • Address: 0x59414b3089ce2AF0010e7523Dea7E2b35d776ec7

Mini Yak

Mini YAK (mYAK) is a wrapped version of YAK. Mini Yak introduces no changes to the YAK supply or tokenomics. Read more about Mini YAK:

Conversion Rate

mYAK is pegged at a 1,000,000:1 ratio with YAK. The conversion rate is always available in a smart contract for both direction, although you may find better rates with YY Swap.

Key Benefits

mYAK provides YAK with more liquidity while giving farmers an option to avoid impermanent loss associated with most LP staking options.
  • mYAK/* pairs increase YAK liquidity and reduce slippage using dex aggregators like YY Swap
  • mYAK/YAK avoids impermanent loss for risk-adverse stakers
  • mYAK gives users an option to avoid unit bias by having higher core amount of tokens in their wallet (100,000 mYAK = 0.1 YAK)

Token Details

  • Name: Mini YAK
  • Symbol: mYAK
  • Decimals: 12
  • Address: 0xdDAaAD7366B455AfF8E7c82940C43CEB5829B604
  • Total Supply: 10,000,000,000 (maximum)

YAK Tokenomics

Initial Circulating Supply

The vast majority of the YAK token supply entered circulation following the initial distribution. On the first day,
  • Circulating: 7,350 YAK
  • Non-circulating: 2,650 YAK
    • Team: 1,500 YAK
    • Ecosystem: 1,150 YAK
Tokens will move from non-circulating to circulating based on team tokens vesting and ecosystem tokens being used for community initiatives.

Initial Distribution

Early users took considerable risk using a new platform. Their feedback influenced the product. Their deposits grew the platform. Therefore the initial distribution of YAK tokens is heavily weighted toward early users:
  • 50% Depositors (airdrop)
  • 15% Reinvest pushers (airdrop)
  • 15% Team (vested)
  • 15% Ecosystem
  • 5% Community (airdrop)

Airdrop Recipients

The full list of airdrop recipients is available here.

Unclaimed Airdrop Tokens

Airdrop recipients were provided a 30-day window to claim tokens. Following the deadline, the remaining tokens were returned to the treasury.