Why use Yak Swap?

Get the best price leveraging multi-step routes, low price slippage, and execute with one click.
Even for the same pair of token swap, say buying $YAK using $AVAX, there are many Dex’s on Avalanche to choose. Although the existence of the arbitrage may help converge the price ratio on different Dex’s, there may still be a difference. Yak Swap compares the prices available on most Dex’s and finds out the best one for you.

Price Slippage

Price slippage could be viewed as a punishment of reducing the liquidity of the token you are swapping to in a trade. Usually, a large swap in a DEX with low liquidity of the to-token would result in high price slippage and therefore significantly reduce the amount of received token. Yak Swap takes price slippage into account and offers you the best execution route.

One-Click Execution

Sometimes, you may be exchanging two tokens that do not have liquidity on the same DEX simultaneously. For example, you want to trade from $YAK to $yyAVAX. Liquidity pairs involving $yyAVAX may be on Kyber, Trader Joe, Pangolin etc. However, these exchanges have minimal $YAK liquidity. A direct swap from $yyAVAX to $YAK on these platforms would result in a huge loss. Most liquidity for $yyAVAX is on Platypus and most liquidity for $YAK on Pangolin. A two-path swap from $yyAVAX to $AVAX on Platypus first and then from $AVAX to $YAK on Pangolin avoids the huge loss.
Yak Swap detects all these possible multi-step execution routes for comparison. We offer you the best price available and you can execute it just by one click on Yak Swap. The transaction would pass through the required smart contracts and finish the swap.